Thursday, November 27, 2008

How to Sort Offers

When viewing offers to complete, you are given 2 sorting options. The first is by type (100% Free, Trial, or Both), and is pretty self explanatory. The second sorting option is what I will be going into detail about.

Rating - This sorts the offers by their rate of approval. This is, to me, the most important factor.

Newest - Sorts by when the offer was posted to the site. Great if you'd done offers previously that hadn't confirmed and you don't want to re-do offers that don't work for you.

Payout - Sorts offers by their how much you get paid if you successfully complete the offer.

Cost - I always do just the 100% free offers, so I've never used this. But it sorts the trial offers by what you have to pay,

Name - Sorts the offers by name. If you go on the forum and see a lot of people having success with a particular offer, it's easy to sort by name to find that offer.

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