Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Types of Offers

Participate in the survey. and Complete the survey. - These are long, boring surveys. Go through and decline all of the offers unless you really want one. Sometimes it'll say "You must select at lease ONE of these offers." If that happens, select one, then decline it on the following page. Once you reach a CONGRATULATIONS or THANK YOU page, you're done!

Click the banner and complete the form with valid information. and Fill out the form with valid information. - Self explanatory.

Fill out the form with valid information and complete the survey. - Again, self explanatory. I'm not sure of any tricks for these surveys, so I complete everything just to be safe.

Register and confirm your email. and
Register for free. - Just register for the site. Although checking for confirmation e-mails are always important, it is absolutely VITAL to these offers.

Register with valid information and complete the survey. Click at least two offers on the "Final Steps" page. - Once you click the offer you will be prompted for your email. When you put it in you will get a silver offers pop up. All you have to do is click any two of the offers on the pop up, leave them open, and then fill out the form on your original window, then submit. You don't even have to do the survey!

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